What does this dream imply?

What does this dream imply?


You recognize these desires the place you fall down from one thing excessive however then get up. Nicely I had one thing the identical, however I fell and stored on felling till I hit the bottom after which I died.

I nonetheless bear in mind the dream:

I used to be working as an electicien (I did electrical energy on shool) and I needed to change a lightbulb or restore one who was damaged. The lamp was fairly excessive as a result of it was in a corridor with lots of people. I put the ladder towards it and climbed it. The second I obtained there I began to restore the lamp however then the ladder instantly fell backwards and I fell on the bottom a couple of meters under.
I keep in mind that I could not breath anymore and that individuals had been working in direction of me and circling round me. They had been saying issues like name an ambulance or one thing. After which my eyesight was barely disappearing and issues grew to become darker. After that my listening to was going away till I used to be utterly deaf. The very last thing I heared was a lady saying “Is he alright?” After which all the pieces was black and silence and after that I awakened…

Any concepts?


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  1. Do you work as an electrician in real life? Because if so perhaps it’s just simply a manifestation of your fear of falling off a ladder lol, otherwise I believe there may be significance in the occupation or the fact that everybody is so helpful and concerned

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