was I lucid dreaming on accident? HELP!!!!!

was I lucid dreaming on accident? HELP!!!!!


So final evening I could not sleep so I went on instagram and I came upon about lucid dreaming. I learn a bit of bit about it then I remembered a dream I had about Three-Four days in the past.
The dream was.. I used to be getting into to take a bathe. After I had gotten all undressed and such, began trying within the mirror for and lengthy, prolonged period of time. Throughout about 10-20 minutes of that I began turning blue. Then my mother walked in. By the point she walked in I had already turned fully blue. Then she began freaking out and saved saying she was gonna name an ambulance and such and was crying and I informed her, “it is only a dream, it is going to be okay, I promise.” After which I awakened.
I do not learn about anybody else, however after I’m dreaming, my precise physique feels barely the identical emotion because the me in my dream. However this dream was totally different. Once I was dreaming, earlier than I stated it was only a dream, I felt excessive concern for the me in my dream. However then I believed, “oh, it is only a dream, I am okay” then a minute later I believed, “inform them it is only a dream so that they’ll relax” after which rapidly the me in my dream stated that it was only a dream. DID I CONTROL MY DREAM? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? PLEASE HELP I’M REALLY CURIOUS AND I WANNA KNOW WHAT THIS IS !!!


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