Useless Our bodies

Useless Our bodies


My dream this morning had me feeling sick upon awakening. I do not keep in mind the start too nicely, however I can collect from context that there was a harmful assassin on the unfastened in my neighborhood. Shit was taking place NOW, prefer it was dwell on the information, he was busting by means of peoples’ doorways and slaughtering them as my household and I sat huddled across the desk hoping we have been protected.

The person dragged our bodies into the road, recent useless, nonetheless bleeding, lower up and disfigured past recognition. There got here a thump from our entrance door, and the lock on the within door faltered and it popped open. For some purpose, our display screen door held however solely barely.

However the man didn’t enter our home. No, as an alternative he left certainly one of his victims at our doorstep. I may see the silhouette of the physique, it was a younger Asian girl with shoulder size black hair. Her eyes had been gouged out, her jaw ripped out of its socket (however nonetheless connected to her cranium), and her cheeks carved right into a Chelsea grin. She was already skeletal, mangled, spidery fingers frozen in entrance of her as rigor mortis had set in. I felt overwhelming worry, disgust, dread, and I lined my eyes. Often that does not work in desires, however happily for me it did this time.

My mom, desirous to protect proof for the police, scrambled to convey the physique into our home, which fucked me up additional as a result of… Why…? And apparently hungry bugs had already begun consuming her, based mostly on the graphic commentary from my household.

I went as much as my room, as I REALLY did not wish to be in the identical room as that factor. However ideas of it didn’t go away me, and I hallucinated the disgusting factor standing upright, widening its disjointed jaw and reaching for me because it made sick popping noises. I imagine that is once I awoke.


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  1. I hate it when I am in a dream and a family member or friend does something so illogical or out of their nature, I’d imagine it would have been quite a shock to see your mother dragging the body inside to “preserve evidence”. It just really grinds away at your subconscious like “something is definitely wrong here”

  2. 1. Every dream is about the dreamer.
    2. Every person, place, and thing in the dream represents an aspect of the dreamer.

    Death = change.

    Murderer = an unknown aspect of your Self that is forcing change

    Different ethnicity = fearful/doubtful aspect

    Head = identity

    Eyes = perspective

    Jaw = tool for learning

    Mom = authoritative aspect of your Self that can listen well

    Police = discipline

    House = state of mind

    1st floor = conscious state of mind

    2nd floor = subconscious state of mind

    So it sounds like you are going through a lot of change. I personally think that change is quite healthy. Too often we become stagnant. However that change should be natural and not forced. The change that you are experiencing is in dire need of some sort of tool to help you digest/process/assimilate/learn. You are having these experiences throughout the day and it is as if you have no way of processing them. Journaling would be a simple basic first step. Dream interpretation is clearly another basic step. Talking on the phone with friends can be very healthy as well as long as we are solution oriented.

    The lock mechanism failing would indicate that your state of mind is not necessarily secure. Your mother represents an authoritative quality within yourself that is wanting to connect with some sort of discipline. It would be well with you to establish some sort of discipline in your life. Have some people around you hold you accountable for what you say you’re going to do. Set small easy goals for yourself that you know you can accomplish. Then begin to slowly increase these. It can be as simple as doing one load of laundry.

    Your inner authority is also wanting to exam how you identify yourself. Identity can be a very strong thing. Be careful what you claim yourself to be. Your beliefs about who you are and what you represent are the underpinnings of the way you think and feel about yourself and the universe. So if you identify yourself as unlucky, a victim, or something of the like, then this is what you will manifest in your life. We are as we think.

    Fear and doubt are entering into your conscious mind. This fear is in a way growing because of your lack of discipline. You seem really upset that your mother let this asian body come into the house. In other words it sounds like you really do not like this fear you are experiencing.

    Fear is simply an unproductive use of our imagination. Past is to the memory as present is to the attention as future is to the imagination. Our thoughts can either be productive or unproductive. You get to choose. Replace these fearful thoughts with thoughts of curiosity. Thoughts of wonderment. Embody the mind of a child. Know that your thoughts are creating who the life around you. You are the creator of your own life. Take the reins. Be aware that your thoughts are powerful. Also, one positive thought is 10 times more powerful than one negative thought. Wouldn’t you like to be powerful? Ask yourself what is it that I really really really really want? And listen for the answer.

    As for the end of the dream when you’re upstairs and the creature is walking towards you and the jaw is popping… once again attention is being placed upon the jaw, which is a tool to learn. It would be well with you to meditate, or sit in silence, for 15 minutes at a time and later increasing that to 30 minutes if you are able to. This can help you process your thoughts and what you are going through. In regards to this part of the dream as well, I would look at the different environments that you are allowing yourself to be in. Are you letting certain chemicals into your body that are harmful? Of course these are rhetorical questions. Are you around healthy and nice people? Are you around the type of people that you see yourself becoming? It would be well with you to identify your role models. Find somebody who you aspire to be like. Research them, read their autobiography if they have one. Begin to surround yourself with people of higher vibration than yourself.

    You are worth so much. I believe in you. I love you stranger, just because you are. Namaste.

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