The Solar Lady

The Solar Lady



I want to talk about the Solar Lady, a repeatable lady showing by way of my desires. It is getting actual sick.

Initially the Solar Lady was an actual lady I used to hang around with loads Four-6 years in the past (cannot keep in mind appropriately) and I am so tied together with her (that means assembly her modified me loads I suppose)
I’ve by no means been in a relation ship together with her. She was simply so.. distant.. I suppose that these years I fell in love together with her madly that I even linked the phrase Love together with her, like, the picture in your head.
By means of the years, I used to dream about her.. not steadily, it was extra of a random desires.. I keep in mind most likely the primary dream, the place she appeared on a celebration, grabbed me and instructed me to go dance with me. Then I wakened.
Ultimately me and the Solar Lady started to talk, I went my very own means – however I used to be now totally different.. I knew what I would like in life I suppose.. however she would nonetheless seem in my desires – it was like.. at any time when I started to overlook her, the dream jogged my memory. I gave her the title “Solar Lady” as a result of in actuality, she had these lengthy, blonde hair.. they jogged my memory of the solar, additionally she is the zodiac signal of a leo who’s dominated by the Solar.

Two years in the past, I met a woman – however on the identical day, the Solar Lady contacted me and we spoke loads – she felt open this time, extra discussive with me. In the long run I started relationship with the opposite lady, and the Solar Lady was all the time these for me.. however just for a time. She deserted me and now feels alien as a lot as earlier than, however regardless of my efforts to overlook her, she remains to be operating in my mind.

So what is the factor?

Regardless of the actual Solar Lady, this dream Solar Lady is all the time in my desires. Generally she seems twice in a row, generally she seems as soon as a month, however she all the time seems. I made a decision that fascinated about her loads could be very unhealthy and I simply should overlook her – and guess what? My subconciousness trolled me – simply at this time I woke from a dream the place I used to be together with her. I went to her home (I dream about that place loads these days) the place I started the relation together with her and I used to be simply so comfortable to be together with her. I used to be shifting by way of her home as a result of I like to watch a brand new flat loads, however she denied me and instructed me to remain within the room with the doorways (do not perceive why, most likely her alien nature). Regardless of that, I spotted in that dream I’ve to finish the connection with my present girlfriend with whom I’m for two years practically, I knew she could be unhappy however did not trouble…. Proper that second, I wakened.

I wakened indignant. Offended like by no means earlier than. I hate that dream. I hate dreaming about her on a regular basis. I would like clarification.

Why did I dream of her precisely the identical day I selected to overlook ? Even thought I do know I can not actually overlook – she is a part of me. What’s going on with me ?


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  1. I’m not an expert, but I suggest you to not even think about forgetting, because that is not going to work. For example, if I tell you not to think about elephants, you are going to necessarily think about elephants. The more you think about them, the more they will stay in your mind and they won’t leave, unless you concentrate on something else (not forcefully, like for necessity).

    Also, don’t worry too much about the Sun Girl reoccurring in your thoughts and dreams. You (rightfully) thought about her enough to tie her memory with a wide array of other concepts, like “love”, or maybe “dreams”, or “happiness”, and so on. Again, I’m not professionally expert, but I think that it’s normal to encounter people you are/were in love with in your dreams; after all, it’s just a big thought.

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