Teeth dreams

Teeth dreams

Tooth indicates the need for physical and sexual abuse. The exact meaning can be read primarily of the following accompanying circumstances:

healthy teeth herald success and material gain

decayed teeth, warn of failures and losses

filling of teeth: an appeal, not to displace the problems with consciousness only to solve them

Toothache: success

broken tooth: relationship breakdown

Artificial teeth profession, may indicate the need for greater meaning and vanity, or on the appearance of our success

pulling teeth: ordering issues, financial problems or failure of our expectations

lose a tooth: trouble, sometimes the death of a loved one

gold teeth: wealth

silver teeth: you will get money

missing teeth: misery, death in the family

fangs mean the things of little value

debtor dreams of a tooth falls to him: give debt

molars: means expensive items symbolize the secret teachings

all his teeth fall out at once: the house will be empty

grow teeth of different sizes: a quarrel at home, discord

teeth of ivory: wealth

dislodged teeth, but in their place to grow new: changes in life, if that is better than the previous ones will be a change for the better, if worse is the opposite.

black between the teeth or piece of food: you encounter an obstacle, also means inactivity.

Upper teeth means better and more significant domowoników people Dreaming, lower and worse. Mouth fact are considered in this case for the house, and the teeth for the people in the house. Those on the right side represent the men and women to the left. Incisors mean young people, fangs middle-aged people, molars elderly.

Who dreams that he loses any of these loose teeth respectively of one of the household. The teeth, however, can also mean what you have.

Molar teeth are expensive items; fangs too valuable; incisors to furniture. And again, the dream of their loss promises a loss. Teeth also illustrate the course of the various cases.
Molars are a symbol of mystery and the occult sciences; fangs of what he knows very few; incisors what open. So if you dream, that one of these teeth falls out, the relevant case experience obstacles.

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