I had this dream a number of years in the past that came about in my hometown, at my previous center faculty. The college had a number of giant fields in entrance of it that have been usually used for PE, together with one with 1 / 4 mile lengthy, round grime observe that I might generally use for jogging after faculty hours.

At first, I used to be simply sitting comfortably in the midst of that grime observe on the aspect nearest the college. There was no one round; I used to be simply sitting there within the grime. And I used to be holding this scalpel (the identical variety utilized by surgeons), though I had no recollection of the place I bought it.

You all in all probability have a reasonably good thought the place that is going. I then had the fully inexplicable urge to begin reducing up my hand with the scalpel, which is precisely what I did- as if it was no completely different than clipping my fingernails. I proceeded to begin surgically dissecting my left hand (naturally with the scalpel in my proper hand, as I’m right-handed). I used to be bizarrely methodical, first making a small, skin-deep incision on my palm, which I then used to tear all the pores and skin off my palm. I then began analyzing the uncovered muscle mass and tendons with marvel, transferring my fingers up and down on my left hand, watching the tendons connected to my fingers flex and transfer as I moved them forwards and backwards. After I misplaced curiosity in that, I started attempting to noticed fully by means of the muscle and bones in my hand, simply above the wrist, in order that I may fully take away it. Then I awakened, and recalled with horror all of the gory particulars of the dream I had simply had. The creepiest factor in regards to the dream once I awakened was that it didn’t appear in any respect scary or uncommon whereas I used to be having it. I skilled no ache and didn’t at any level fear about the truth that I had simply misplaced a limb completely so far as I knew. I did not even start to contemplate the implications of my actions within the dream, I used to be merely appearing totally on a very irrational impulse, one thing very out of character for me. But it felt totally routine, nearly like I used to be merely doing it within the dream as a result of I used to be bored and did not have something higher to do.

It is necessary to notice that I’ve by no means had a dream remotely like this earlier than or since. This isn’t in any respect regular for me. I usually don’t have violent desires, and have by no means had another desires that concerned me harming myself in any manner. This was by far the craziest, most violent dream I ever had.

Nonetheless, the factor that freaks me out essentially the most about this dream now (and the rationale why I made a decision to publish this years after it occurred to me) is that I lately noticed some photos from the “Our bodies” exhibit, which included (amongst different issues) a hand with out pores and skin on it. What I noticed within the dream was fully anatomically practical. My skinless hand within the dream seemed EXACTLY like the true skinless hand within the Our bodies exhibit, all the way down to the final element, regardless of that I had no thought on the time what a hand would realistically appear like with out pores and skin on it. I nonetheless do not know clarify how I may have probably identified that on the time I had the dream.

If anyone has any doable explanations or any ideas so far as interpret this dream please share, as I’ve by no means been capable of determine this one out alone.


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