Second degree lucid dream and false-awakening

Second degree lucid dream and false-awakening


I spotted I used to be dreaming and tried actually arduous to wake myself up. I even peed myself within the dream, pondering if I pee myself in mattress, I am going to absolutely awaken.
One thing queued me out of the dream and I felt myself float to a barely extra awake consciousness and arrived in one other dream the place I used to be barely much less lucid. I spotted that I would been dreaming and that I had woken to a different dream, however did not have the readability to aim waking up from that dream till once more I used to be queued to get up. I felt my consciousness rather more solidly change from that dream to my bodily physique, the place I maintained the sensation of being moments from sleep and waking, till the load of the bodily world settled into my consciousness bringing me to consciousness of my physique in mattress as dream consciousness melted away to the darkish of closed eyes.


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