reoccuring goals about highschool?

reoccuring goals about highschool?


I preserve having college goals.

one dream was I may by no means discover my method to class, and nobody would assist me.

a lot of the occasions I would be in a random a part of the varsity with random youngsters I knew however weren’t my pals and we might do bizarre shit.

however it’d be primarily loopy random shit. I have been having these goals since I’ve graduated and I can actually say I do not miss it. So why on earth do I preserve experiencing these goals?


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  1. Don’t think we’ll ever really loose that part of ourselves. My school terrors are similar. I lose my schedule and go by the office to get a new one printed. It takes so long I’m always late or end up in the wrong class cause it took so long I missed one. And then i realize I’ve missed so much of it I’m sure to fail. 10 years later the scene has morphed to include workplace drama. But those are just a few times a year now.

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