Recommendation: Watch out with lucid dreaming

Recommendation: Watch out with lucid dreaming


I lucid dream very often. I like lucid dreaming loads as a result of it offers me a way of freedom, figuring out that no matter I do within the dream has no penalties in actual life. However this one explicit dream actually caught with me. I’m nonetheless slightly afraid eager about it.

Like another lucid desires, I used to be conscious that I used to be dreaming. However this time the place I used to be at was unusual. It was only a lengthy stretch of darkness. There may be an eerie stillness about that place. I wasn’t afraid, regardless that I’m slightly creeped out. I knew I may get up from this anytime I would like. As I used to be considering this, I abruptly observed this white determine a good way away.

It was coming in the direction of me. Because it obtained nearer, I used to be capable of take take a look at it and I nearly screamed. Bloodshot pink eyes, pale wrinkly pores and skin and worst of all, that wide-stretched smiling mouth with sharp enamel. I may begin to really feel the worry rising in me. It appeared prefer it was gaining velocity working in the direction of me. That factor stretched its arms in the direction of me, prefer it wished me. The one characteristic that I keep in mind probably the most is that factor’s fingers; lengthy and bony, with the longest black nails.

I believed to myself that it was time to get up, solely to appreciate I could not open my eyes. It was as if my eyelids had been glued shut. I could not get up. I used to be actually panicking by now, it was getting nearer by the minute and I nonetheless could not get my eyes to open. Because it closed its bony hand round my neck, I truthfully thought this was the tip for me. With one final strive, I opened my eyes and located myself again in my room. I used to be drenched with chilly sweat.

Truthfully, this was one of many worst desires I ever had. It felt means too actual and the truth that I could not get up is actually scary. Till now, I’m nonetheless eager about what is going to occur to me if I did not get up that day…


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4 thoughts on “Recommendation: Watch out with lucid dreaming”

  1. How eery is it that I’ve just had the exact same figure in my dreams? 4:36 and I’m reticent to go back to sleep…

    I couldnt see her face however, but I was stuck in my bed heart beating like crazy. I don’t lucid dream much but sometimes realize i’m dreaming. Here I lost sense of reality and finally pulled myself out while looking at me from the corner of the room all the time. Woke up.
    Then when i went back to sleep, same.

    I’ve spent 40 minutes reading on the symbols, noting out the whole dream and rapid sketches. I need to sleep, but dread going back so much!

  2. Reminds me of some person who fucks with me in my lucid dreams. As strong as I am in my dreams, he is better. First time I met him he introduced himself as Warlock before he kneed me in the gut. He then preceeded to lift me by my neck and slam me against a wall. Just when I think I’ve gotten stronger he surpasses me in strength. The last time we fought he didn’t have a body. He kept hitting me all around my body at once. I tried to fly away but he kept catching up to me. The best I could do is teleport away. It allowed me some time to rest between hits.

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