Puppies & Spiders

Puppies & Spiders


I used to be at my previous home, with my previous rottweiler hanging across the again yard. I am going see him and to my shock there was three little puppies frolicking round him, completely happy as a pet might be. I considered how cute that scene was.

I fed the puppies, performed round with them. Then I stroll round the home and see cobwebs with black spiders throughout the home, a whole lot of them. I take out a poison gun – type of like a flamethrower however with poison as a substitute. I kill all of them spiders.

I get up.

I’m wondering what the fuck it meant.


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  1. I have spider dreams a lot. I always assumed that it meant something more than being scared because I deal with spiders a lot and im not scared of them anymore (I do landscaping and there are tons of them). As for the puppys with your dog, I have no idea either.

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