pulling teeth out dream

pulling teeth out dream

pulling teeth out dream


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Teeth are one of the most popular and most sinister symbols dream. The ancient Greeks said that the dream of teeth falling out bode death. Although since then many years have passed, and these beliefs were challenged, many people still treat the dream of teeth as a harbinger of serious trouble. The teeth, however, have a much broader symbolism, which is present in the following senniku.

Healthy teeth
– Vitality, health, ability to cope with life, assertiveness.
– The dream of a healthy, white teeth is a positive sign and symbol of prosperity, success, good health, wealth.

– Broken teeth cause other diseases, so you should take care of their condition. Dream of holes in teeth is the clear warning from disease, poor condition of the body or metaphorically from fraudulent people and financial problems. In the first case you should visit a doctor, the second to be careful who we trust and entrust their secrets.

fall out
– The dream of teeth falling out is one of the worst nightmares, not only because of its drama, but the universal significance. According to many superstitions tooth loss means the death of a family member, illness, separation, at best, a financial loss. Sen, in which it behooves us some teeth compounded this unfavorable symbolism, indicating that the dreamer will leave many good men.
– The nightmare of falling out of the teeth may also relate to the loss of strength, vitality, old age, the decline in potency or to some trauma.
– If in place of falling out of teeth grow new, then the dream means change, rising after heavy troubles and events. But when the teeth fall out or are still fragile or destroyed, the dream does not bode well.
– Teeth falling out with blood heighten the misfortune that can happen to us.
– Milk teeth, which are replaced with permanent mental reflect the transformation of the dreamer, the willingness to take some important decisions.

– Toothache is a real nightmare, which would not wish even his enemy. Interestingly, the dream of aching teeth in many sennikach is translated as a good fortune in life, we will be respected by women and men.

Biting / grin
– Sen expresses repressed aggression, anger, anger, so after such a nightmare would be expected to stressful situations in our lives.
– In some cases, biting expresses the act of love, sensuality.

Brushing teeth
– Fantasy for brushing teeth reflects the orderly life of the dreamer, sensible approach to the surrounding reality. The dream may also suggest a clean atmosphere in our family. If the teeth are dirty, announced this difficult time, rumors about us, someone will dig beneath us proverbial holes.

– The nightmare can appear in several variants – teeth snatches someone close to us, friend, stranger or dentist. Sen explains, however, quite clearly – promises need to organize their affairs and relations, some of them because you have to definitely finish, even if it is painful. The person who pulls us tooth may be our enemy, so you might want to be careful.

– The dream of the denture, artificial teeth warns of problems in the financial sphere. If this theme is repeated, we must devote more attention to reading concluded agreements with service providers or websites we visit. Scammers lurk everywhere, not necessarily to knock on our door.

Gold and silver
– Gold teeth are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, high social status. After such a vision should be so quiet when it comes to the success of our business.
– Dream of silver teeth has a similar meaning as for gold, but on a smaller scale. They are waiting for us so profits will allow the deferred a fine goal.

– Nightmare portends trouble in our relationship, health issues.

Other important sleep:
– Teeth ivory harbingers of wealth, in the near future we can count on the cash injection disputes.
– The teeth of different sizes announce conflicts in the bosom of a family. It is worth to check, because if we get carried away, that’s a minor tensions erupted into serious arguments.
– Once in a dream, the motif stopping teeth, it is a signal that you should solve their problems rather than avoid them.
– Dentist working on our teeth symbolizes a friend, a friend, a loved one who will support us in difficult times, help in trouble.
– If the sleep motive is a piece of food between our teeth, it refers to minor obstacles in the coming days.
– Nightmare on spitting teeth is a serious warning against the disease. This extremely traumatic dream also applies to the health problems of our family members.
– When we sleep, that one of our teeth wobble and fall out soon, it promises trouble, bleak news or gossip about us.
– The nightmare of broken teeth suggests that fall on us some unexpected calamity, like a punch in the jaw.
– Examination of the teeth in a dream suggests that we should take better care of their affairs.
– Teeth upper – feminine element, because the upper jaw is passive in chewing, like the woman in the sexual act. The lower jaw is, in this case, the males.
– The teeth on the left side of the jaw symbolize the feminine energy (passivity), while the right-hand men.
– Molars – elderly / expensive items.
– Choppers – young people / things less valuable.
– Fangs – middle-aged people / things less valuable.

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