Please assist me perceive this

Please assist me perceive this


February 28th

Final night time i had one of many weirdest goals i’ve ever had. I began off with me is australia. I used to be strolling round with a digital camera. Abruptly i fall off a cliff. Then i’m advised to go meet up with folks. At first i have no idea that i’m lifeless. I see lots of people partying and having fn. Then i speak to a clown about somthing. i don’t bear in mind what it was about. Then i find yourself on a bus. I’m nonetheless making an attempt to determine what had occurred why i died. Then one of many “boners” advised me what had occurred. somebody had employed a hitman to kill me. So the “boner” requested me what do i need. All i might take into consideration is how i didn’t need to be alone and he advised me that somebody i knew what right here. as in lifeless. it was alicia. I have no idea why it was her however i used to be by no means so glad to see somebody in my life. i used to be crying and that i hugged her. So we ended up at a college and began studying how every part work after you have been lifeless. Actually it was not likely completely different in how life is right now. As an alternative of cash you will have the prayers or ideas that your family members or different folks have stated about you. Life could be very glad. You don’t age. Nonetheless it’s typically upset since you see entire households there due to a automotive wreck or different happenings. the primary factor that i bear in mind is that i used to be was all the time searching for alicia. I simply needed to be round her. The final time i spoke to alicia in my dream was when sge went for a run across the block. I advised her i used to be going to get modified. That was the final time i noticed her within the dream. So i went to get get new garments on the mall. When i entered the mall it was big guitar retailer. Type of like a guitar middle however far more intensive. It had accomplished guitars, unfinished guitars, amps and unfinished ones. After selecting up a guitar and simply strolling round enjoying with it i bear in mind getting into an space with toys. It was small and had a few rows of cabinets however that was it. Then i had woken up.

This was one of many realist feeling goals i’ve ever had. I awoke barely in tears and was simply serious about alicia. Please assist me determine it out. There was much more within the dream nevertheless it was simply easy stuff like strolling round and simply folks i speak to.


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  1. Just a quick analysis here; the death you experienced was a subconcious representation of ego loss. Your identity of who you think you are is old and it is time to let go of that and become someone new. Hence why you begin to learn about the true nature of reality once you “die”. The hitman in this case is just a symbol for the fact that you have no control in the matter and that your “death” is an unavoidable process every person must pass through to get to the otherside. Its all metaphorical though as you are still here with us, and it is just a representation of ego loss.

    As you can tell, the tone of your dream changed after you made this realization and you being to piece together a new identity; this girl Alicia is someone you have very big feelings for and you want to become someone who is compatible with her which is why you kept looking for her after she disappeared. Moving forward you continue peicing togther your new identity such as clothes at the mall and the guitar store, you see the work in progress of theae guitars and it reflects your own state of becoming a new individual. We all want to be completed, but we must go through the proper steps. Which leads you to the toy store an idealization of your childhood, you mustn’t forget from where you came.

    Good luck on the journey.

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