Physique Horror desires, any interpretations?

Physique Horror desires, any interpretations?


Tonight i had this dream about having this unhealthy tonsillitis (i even have this very bland persistent tonsillitis since perhaps a month), my tonsil was very huge (as huge as a closed hand) and purple. I discover myself at my physician’s workplace and he begin analyzing my throat, i can see from his perspective that my tonsil is so swollen it reaches my tongue, some lenticular issues are transferring in a cavity on the tonsil itself, the medical doctors name them maggots. Now i am in an unidentified place, my mother take away the tonsil together with her naked arms (perhaps some scissors, i do not actually bear in mind) when the tonsil is eliminated we prodded it just a little and the maggots began to wiggle round, there’s quite a lot of them, then i see these black little sea urchin-like issues, my mother removes them then the dream stops.

Now, checking my dream journal i discovered one other “physique horror” dream, is far much less horrifying however nonetheless i believe it is perhaps associated: i am watching myself in a mirror, half my face is roofed with zits and rashes, on the identical facet, inder my eyes there is a lengthy bruise. A voice tells me that like this i am ugly.

Somebody can provide me some clarification on the which means of those desires(if there’s one) or perhaps clarify why we generally have these physique horror desires?

TL;DR dream of getting a tonsil filled with maggots and different gross issues, on my dream journal there’s an entry of one other dream from a month and a half in the past the place i’ve half of my face lined in zits and bruises and a voice tells me i am ugly like that


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