Odd simultaneous dream

Odd simultaneous dream


Hello, was simply after some opinions on this. It is freaked me out somewhat.

My SO works away rather a lot. He is away proper now. I’ve simply woken up after a dream (/nightmare?) the place I used to be in a purchasing centre in a terrorist assault. I textual content SO and he replied to inform me about his dream… the place he attacked a purchasing centre.

The few hazy particulars we will each bear in mind appear very comparable (though this purchasing centre in no way resembles wherever I’ve ever been) and the assaults appear comparable.

Simply puzzled if this was a typical phenomenon? Any mild on what the dream means could be nice too.

I ought to add, he felt horrible about doing it even within the dream. He isn’t a nasty individual within the slightest!

Tl;dr me and SO each had the identical dream a few terrorist assault however from completely different sides of the battle


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1 thought on “Odd simultaneous dream”

  1. The difference between a dream and a nightmare is that the emotion cused by the nightmare force the sleep awake. Often this emotion still remains apon waking cuseing the fight or flight sistem in the brain to activate.
    I know this dose not answer your question however. Having simler dreams may be the result of something that you wtached on tv. It is a interesting case though.

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