Not Myself

Not Myself


So I began out abbandoned and alone on the road. I used to be a younger woman about 15 (I’m 18M) and a few man was talkin smack to me so I confronted him. His pals held me again and I picked up a beer bottle to defend myself. Quickly that man obtained the cops consideration and he came visiting and was going to arrest me for consuming underage, which I didnt understand the bottle was full. So I ran, he chased, I obtained caught in a btahroom stall. Then subsequent factor I do know, im on some tour with public individuals, however I’ll be sentenced for all times, (in shackles and jumpsuit). So this woman wants assist in the bus, asks me to carry her headphones. I take them, fold them and put them down so I may also help her up into the now transferring vehichle. She comes up and I hand them over when she simply begins a hug, so I hugged her for a day and wakened after.

So Im moderately confused as to why I used to be convicted. Why I used to be enjoying somebody elses character. And why I wanted a hug so unhealthy.


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