my sensible three day automobile dream

my sensible three day automobile dream


That is actually screwed up… I simply awakened from the identical dream three days in a row. The primary dream I purchased a 2001 Ford Escort ZX2 (the primary automobile I ever had) and I used to be driving it round after paying for it, I hear a grinding noise, pull over and notice the man offered it to me with completely NO OIL within the engine so it spun all of the crankshaft bearings. And the following two goals contain me rebuilding the whole 2.0L DOHC engine piece by piece inspecting every little thing for harm. The goals are so vivid and detailed they appear actual!! EXAMPLEs: I can really feel the curve of the chilly valves, see the clearly printed labels on bins/bottles, really feel the consistency of the brand new 10w-30 motor oil, really feel wind from the cooling followers, really feel warmth from the burned up engine, I can really feel the recent/moist steam coming from the radiator cap, I really feel the filth on the valve covers, I can odor melted metallic and filth blowing within the wind on the aspect of hwy 99, I really feel the slop within the 5-speed shifter and strain of the clutch, I even hear/really feel the track “Drunk on a Aircraft” on the radio with the pair of 10″ C4 competitors subs which have particle board falling off the enclosures and hooked to a 1000 watt sub within the trunk. I discover myself wanting to return to sleep simply so I can work on the automobile I solely have in my goals. It is excellent what the human mind can do typically. Nonetheless in a state of disbelief…
EDIT: Btw, I am 20 years outdated, stay alone, work at an Agriculture Aviation Airport 98 hours every week, received my license reinstated final week after four years of suspension (DUI of zero.026% BAC @ 16 yrs outdated), and do not personal a operating car. SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS DREAM IS SUPPOSE TO MEAN SOMETHING!

EDIT: gothangelblood, Thanks to your ideas on what it would imply, I will preserve it in thoughts. BTW I’ve not had one other automobile dream for the reason that third one, possibly as a result of i simply received a brand new automobile


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  1. You’re regressing mentally into a younger mindset. It’s stress / anxiety related, most likely in association to your recent license reinstatement. You hold some blame for your actions, but you still see someone else as being responsible for what you have gone through. You’re living out your attempt to rebuild your life, just as you need to rebuild your car. As your life begins to normalize, you should start completing the car. Major stresses, however, can cause the dream to shift or morph.

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