My not-cat tried to kill me.

My not-cat tried to kill me.


That is my first submit right here. I am not an excessive amount of of a author, however I’m an usually Lucid dreamer, and most of the time they’re terrifying nightmares. That is my finest recollection of a dream that occurred throughout a interval lasting about four months when each evening, like clockwork, a terrifying dream would awaken me at four within the morning. This one stands out specifically to me, because of the intense panic and concern I skilled throughout the dream.

I discovered myself in a Wal-Mart originally of the dream, and at first, didn’t acknowledge that I used to be in reality dreaming. Some tip-offs that did not happen to me on the time included the truth that I knew the place to go to seek out… one thing. I did not, at any level, know what I used to be searching for, however I knew precisely the place I used to be heading. There additionally have been hardly any folks within the Wal-Mart, unusual sufficient at most any hour. Even early within the morning, there’s typically a handful of individuals strolling round. I walked unhurriedly in direction of the weapons space of the shop, the place tenting gear and firearms are discovered. That is after I was snapped into lucidity. The world the place usually one would discover common kinds of low cost weapons and knives was changed with historic weapons. I distinctly bear in mind seeing a claymore, an Aztec/Maya weapon that appears like a picket paddle lined with obsidian enamel (a Macahuitl?), and an assortment of different weaponry from eras and empires gone. A sensation of apprehension and near-panic set into my mind. I now knew this was in reality a dream, and I felt that it could not probably go anyplace nice, given I had been experiencing these nightmares for just a few weeks at the least by this level. Then a particularly potent sensation of being watched, and a sense like some godless demon was stalking me. I turned rapidly, to seek out myself looking at… my cat. She’s my finest pal, and all the time has been. She discovered me whereas I used to be tripping head over heels in my yard, and since then she’s all the time been there for me, when shit hits the fan. Usually, she has a clean grey coat, and really yellow eyes with the standard skinny black pupils. This time, although, despite the fact that the factitious lighting was totally on, her pupils took up virtually the whole lot of her eyes. Inside a second of assembly her line of sight, it felt like my complete physique was yanked in direction of her eyes, and pulled via. Briefly I discovered myself in a formless void, current in thoughts, however not in my physique. I had no sense of spacial dimensions, and felt very practically infinite. Aside from a malignant presence, and a a lot smaller one. The evil presence was crowded round and thru the smaller presence. A horrifying thought pressed itself into my thoughts: the smaller presence was my cat. It felt like… like a small soul, to accommodate for her smaller physique, and smaller will. Remember this era solely lasted a fraction of a second as effectively, just like the time interval from after I checked out my cat within the not-Wal-Mart to after I was whisked away to this realm.

Then, I used to be on a scarred wasteland. Rocks and patches of tough grass dotted a panorama of very uneven topography. Situated intermittently all through the realm have been racks, holding the weapons I had seen beforehand, besides these racks have been ones that seemed applicable for a a lot earlier time in historical past; fabricated from wooden and banded with steel straps. By now I used to be already attempting to will myself into awakening, however that has by no means labored for me, barring a single instance. Then the sensation got here once more. The sensation of infinite corruption held in an harmless vessel, eyes from one other dimension rigorously passing over me. I turned, already realizing that I might see my cat. Nonetheless, what I truly noticed was positively not my cat; at the least, I do not suppose so. For a break up second it was my cat, then it concurrently grew ragged enamel and moldy patches of scales, whereas leaping off behind one of many boulders. Besides… solely the entrance half of its physique went, whereas the again stayed behind for a second or two of the leap, the center extending and dripping what trying like liquid shadows. I turned and broke right into a run for one of many stands, in spite of everything, dream or not, I wasn’t about to casually enable the creature to pay money for me. As I reached the closest stand, a scent like sulfur and cat shit crept up my nostrils, a scent so putrid I practically vomited on the spot. I grabbed the primary weapon I noticed, a form of Japanese spear that I believe is named a Naginata, and twisted on the spot simply in time to make use of the butt of the spear to bat this creature off to at least one aspect. The entrance half took the entire of the hit, and went sprawling off to my left, whereas the rear misplaced traction and slammed into my knees. The sand-papery patches of scales ripped aside my denims and tore at my pores and skin. I fell down, however rapidly righted myself in time to see the creature collect itself again up (it appears comical to explain it this fashion, nevertheless it was like a slinky, virtually, or a spring; gathering itself as much as come leaping via the air). It sprung at me once more, this time spiraling away, corkscrewing like an errant paper airplane. I lifted the spear in time to catch its claws, and kicked as onerous as I may at its midriff. It hissed and spat, and the place the saliva landed on my face I may really feel burning ache, and acrid fumes made me involuntarily tear up.

After throwing it once more, we locked right into a form of dance. It regularly sprung at new and infrequently seemingly-impossible angles, and it was all I may to deflect its assaults, by no means any time to attempt to counterstrike. This went on for some indeterminable size of time, all of the whereas I felt myself slowing down. It did not really feel like tiring in actual life, extra like an eroding of will. Like each time I threw the spear throughout myself as protection from tooth and claw, it took a fraction of my being with it. The creature, in the meantime, appeared to by no means tire in the identical style. Lastly, I stumbled in my guard, and straight away enamel have been locked into my shoulder, claws piercing my sides, digging in direction of my ribs. At this second, I used to be indignant. I did not really feel afraid anymore, the small wounds I had suffered beforehand damage me now not. I wasn’t afraid of dying. I used to be afraid of changing into a casualty to one thing as low and demonic as this, that had had then fucking gall to own one of many few residing issues I really care about. Even in a dream. Power flowed again into my limbs, and I threw the beast onto a rock, and stomped my boot into its midsection, all whereas bringing the spear behind my again in preparation for a closing strike, to finish the battle. Then I wasn’t stomping a creature. It was my cat. Blood trickled from its mouth, from its damaged ribs, from the tiny cuts on its tiny paws the place the blade had been used to swipe them away from my jugular. She tried to make a noise, however solely a stream of blood squirted from her mouth. Should you requested me now, in actual life, I would say that “oh, in her eyes, I noticed the demon. I knew it wasn’t my cat.” However that is not true. I could not inform. For all I knew, the demon had fled her physique for its personal rotten survival. Not that it could matter both means. I swung the spear round with solely a second of hesitation, and sliced her head from her physique. The very last thing I noticed earlier than I awoke was her eyes.

I awoke in a chilly sweat, gripping my covers like they have been my solely anchor in the true world. My cat was standing there on my mattress, having been awoken herself, presumably by my messy dreaming. She did not say something, however let me pet her just a few instances, earlier than resuming her place on the covers subsequent to me, sleeping quietly. I nonetheless really feel unclean from what I did, dream or not. I simply hope I haven’t got to decide like that in a dream once more, a lot much less in actual life.


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