My dream final evening

My dream final evening


So in my dream final evening I used to be at a cabin in the course of the woods. It was snowing the entire time, which was bizarre as a result of there have been three totally different sections of time in my dream. Within the first part, there was a household who lived on the cabin (husband, spouse, little one). The spouse was telling her husband that he was too overprotective of their daughter. The daughter went exterior a pair minutes later, after which disappeared into the woods. Her mother and father went in search of her and by no means got here again. The subsequent part was quick, however fucking creepy. There was an previous lady exterior tied to a publish, with Ravens pecking out her eyes. The subsequent part, two ladies got here out of the woods, one with a severed ear in her hand. She reattached it to her head and went inside. The ladies lit a fireplace within the hearth and have been speaking about how chilly it’s. Then I awakened


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  1. Where were you during all of this? Inside the cabin floating around in midair not having your existence acknowledged? I’ve never had this perspective in a dream, In my own dreams I always seem to be the centre of attention with seemingly everything bad and good happening to only me and nothing happens outside of my immediate vision or hearing, which is weird because I consider myself to not be an attention seeking person. Very interested in why some people have dreams from that perspective

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