Lucid Dream query

Lucid Dream query


I’ve been capable of management my goals ever since I might bear in mind, which make for some superior goals, nevertheless, I have been noticing these days that I get ‘bored’ with my goals now and am discovering it more durable to go to sleep. Does/has anybody else been by means of this? How can I modify it?


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  1. I’ve always had a limited degree of control; sometimes I dream lucidly, sometimes not. In my case, I think the kind of dreams are partially related to what’s going on in my life, especially how stressed I am. When I am dreaming lucidly, I tend to stay asleep longer, just because I don’t want to get up–I kind of string it along as much as I can. I can’t imagine being “bored” with those kind of dreams. I don’t know if any of that might be relevant to you…have there been any changes in your life, or how you feel when you’re awake lately? As for finding it harder to fall asleep, that tends to happen as people get older; depending on how old you are, it could just be a natural change.

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