I’ve a dream that I dream about hardly ever, and I hate it after I do dream about it

I’ve a dream that I dream about hardly ever, and I hate it after I do dream about it


It is not that fucked up however I’ve all the time had this dream that I hardly ever have however I nonetheless keep in mind each single a part of it.

I am principally alone on this black room. The room is so giant I am unable to see the ends of it. Then this big dice as huge as a pyramid drops down on me, however as a substitute of getting squished I find yourself carrying it with each of my arms strained a lot that my muscular tissues will get ripped aside, peeling off from my bones. The worst half about it was that I did not really feel dangerous about it, and as a substitute I felt like it’s my obligation to hold this burden. A pair minutes into the dream, I all of a sudden drop the dice. I do not know if it was on accident or I actually simply wished to eliminate my “burden”, however after I do drop it, an enormous wave of disappointment, remorse, unhappiness and melancholy wash over me and envelop me after which I get up, and I can nonetheless really feel all these feelings from my dream. I keep in mind most of it after I get up and I nonetheless do till now.

I do not actually do not know methods to describe the sensation aside from the sensation I’ve after I get up is like my bones are hole, my abdomen is empty, and I simply really feel actually depressed for dropping that enormous dice. I do not how else to explain it.


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1 thought on “I’ve a dream that I dream about hardly ever, and I hate it after I do dream about it”

  1. Perhaps the room could be symbolizing a point in your life right now where your life is kind of confusing, dark, and hard to navigate. The cube could be symbolizing a heavy decision or task you have to take on or do in order to either fail and feel those emotions you felt in your dream, or overcome it, achieve it, and feel amazing about it!

    You said you only have these dreams every once in a while or rarely, correct? What is your life situation like when these dreams *do* happen?
    It may be a plain sign or your subconscious mind telling you something. I also realized that your muscles tearing apart symbolizes you falling apart due to the stress, hard nature, or confusion that this task brings.

    Best of luck in your dreams!

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