I simply awoke from this nighmare

I simply awoke from this nighmare


I haven’t got nightmares typically and once I do its ususally me replaying an occasion that occurred to me within the put up. lately I went full no contact with my mother and father over abuse from my teen years and present tempts.

I do not go house typically in any respect.

in my dream I used to be standing in my childhood house lavatory doing my hair and such. I went to brush my tooth however once I did. hair started to fall out. not little bits. like large items of locks of hair. my hair wasn’t lower snd did not look lower however it simply stored coming.

I lastly acquired what I assumed was most of it. I leaned right down to the sink to get some water from the faucet to rinse my mouth. once I regarded up there was a duplicate of me standing behind me in my mirror reflection.

she was evident at me with such rage. extra anger in her eyes than I’ve ever felt. she rushed me and I awoke. however once I awoke I screamed. woke my fiance up…now that he is again to sleep, I am too scared to even attempt to get some relaxation.


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  1. I’m no psychologist, but I think it’s quite obvious that you feel bad about losing contact with your parents.

    Maybe a part of you think you shouldn’t, because that’s not “nice” or whatever. Hence, nightmares.

    Try to discuss it with your fiancé. I’m pretty sure he will comfort you in your decision and after that, you should feel much better 😉

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