I heard the identical creepy music in my dream

I heard the identical creepy music in my dream


I imagine I heard it thrice in numerous desires. The desires have been often lengthy, random and darkish. I heard the identical music and it all the time introduced the sense of hazard in sluggish motions the place I used to be attempting to cover from one thing, hoping to not be discovered that woke me up.
The music was in Indonesian language sung very slowly and superbly however creepy by a lady voice.
“Hati-hati kau mungkin takkan kembali” which suggests “Watch out it’s possible you’ll not come again”.

Why did it occur in my dream?
Did anybody ever have the identical expertise through which you heard songs in your dream?


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  1. Well it sounds to me like you are venturing out of the normal realms of dream and into places unexplored, at least by you. Maybe it is an internal warning to yourself to to become lost in that place… or maybe you are being contacted by another entity trying to keep you safe.

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