I at all times kill myself

I at all times kill myself


No matter private points these are my recurring goals. Mkst of my goals are lucid, rather a lot are lucid goals i like them, however occasionally this happens.

I both stab myself, I am standing within the toliet trying within the mirror and that i simply stab myself, i preserve trying within the mirror and im not upset however my facial expressions are totally different to these i see from my reflection.

Or both I am killed by my mother and father or i simply preserve falling and die. Or one thing occurs leading to my demise. It is fairly regarding.

I do really feel my private points are creating a method of those on and off goals. However what’s the subject they’re so drawn out they final and i’ve to simply go together with it in my head asleap. Typically it is brutal.

Nicely that is out my head 🙂


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