Hole Tooth/Tooth

Hole Tooth/Tooth


In my dream final night time, I am unable to actually recall all the particulars, however I do know that I ultimately seen one in all my again molars felt extraordinarily unfastened. I prodded it with my tongue after which reached into my mouth to wiggle it. It got here out of my mouth however once I checked out it, it was like three of my molars caught collectively. I do not actually recall why, however I knew they had been hole. I could not see inside them, and there have been no holes however someway I simply knew they had been hole. It was a extremely unusual sensation feeling these three hole enamel in my hand. They had been extraordinarily arduous, way more than you’d count on from a shell of a tooth. I awoke shortly after this and did not bear in mind the dream till a number of hours in the past. Because the time I remembered it, I am unable to cease touching my enamel and checking them. It makes me really feel queasy desirous about it.


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  1. I’ve had tooth dreams before (*shudders*), they’re awful but generally aren’t related to actual tooth issues. I usually have them when I’ve felt like I’ve overextended myself and I have to keep up an appearance in spite of feeling the opposite inside.

    Also, they always start with a back molar getting loose or my tongue becoming aware of it. Annoying for the next few days but just do something else with your mouth like eating.

  2. First off, this is a very common dream! One of the most common. The teeth represent a tool to digest food. Food in a dream represents knowledge. So your dream is telling you that you need to update whatever tools you have in regards to taking in knowledge and experience of the day.

    Very simply put, you need to journal! Meditation would also help. Some people call it sitting in silence. Talking with friends in person or on the phone would be of benefit. You would want to make sure that these conversations were solution-oriented though. It is best to focus 20% of our attention on the problem and 80 percent on the solution. Be careful not to get caught up in the problem. Dream interpretation is also another way to help you learn and grow.

    Another really cool way to process and digest our thoughts is by turning the stereo off on our car ride to and from work/school. Let me know if these help you. Love and peace.

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