futuristic dystopian dream

futuristic dystopian dream


So I had a dream final night time the place I used to be touring or wandering (wasn’t to clear) a manufacturing facility that was or no less than gave the impression to be like a large 3d printer and the ceiling was a large steam press or mildew that was manufacturing intricate however huge elements that resembled spacefaring ships. So each time the press/mildew would go off the ceiling would make a extraordinarily loud punching noise and large bellows of steam can be launched because it lowered and rised. The employees seemed slightly dingy and blue collar arduous employees. I gave the impression to be transferring by this manufacturing facility in the direction of a window and after I seemed out it was raining and darkish and there have been huge skyscrapers, I stored searching the window till a girl touched my shoulder and as a turned to see her I awoke. I simply thought I would depart this dream right here for interpretation.


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