dreamed a woman from my class

dreamed a woman from my class


Earlier than I begin, I might wish to make clear..

I’ve a fetish of some kind (idk whether or not ought to I name it in that method) . Mainly, I’ve this factor for ladies sporting leather-based jackets and I might typically masturbate with one, feels good, sort of. Please do not assume in poor health of me kek.

Anyway, the dream. She was sporting a leather-based jacket and we have been speaking about something-I-can’t-recall-of and all of a sudden she talked about this thing-i-have-for-leather-wearing-women. And I requested her whether or not I might be capable to do it together with her, she agreed. Assist?

P.s. do not assume in poor health of me…


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  1. Dude… It’s just a dream about a girl. In life you’re not with her, but you want to be. You also have a thing for leather. Well to resolve this issue that you can’t resolve in reality your mind gives it to you in dream form.

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