dream symbolism losing teeth

dream symbolism losing teeth

dream symbolism losing teeth

The teeth or mouth appear in our dreams quite commonly. For example, we handle your affairs, and suddenly feel the taste of blood in his mouth, moves us to a tooth and – when we reach the mouth, suddenly falls, we feel that further teeth fall out to us from the gums and in no way we can stop this process, and we realize that here we spoiled all his teeth. In another version of this dream teeth do not fall out, but the increase – for example, turn into fangs or their size prevents us from speaking or eating; We may also lose the sense of taste – even though we eat delicious seemingly dishes – all taste like cardboard.
How to interpret dreams of the mouth or teeth?

Dreams in which we lose teeth, we have very often during periods when there are new responsibilities incumbent upon us a huge odpowiedzilność, entering middle age or retirement, etc. The teeth are a symbol of self, as well as reflect the state of our physical and mental health. When teeth are broken in a dream or in some way defective or ill, most likely in some area, we are not honest with yourself – eg. A love life, career and family. We can also interpret this symbol as a harbinger of aggression and manifestation of how we process stimuli that comes to us from the outside – in the end the most important function of teeth is biting and chewing food. If our sleep chew something without end, perhaps in real life we ​​have problems with making important decisions? Surprisingly there are frequent dreams in which the teeth fall out. They have nothing to do with our fear of the dentist, mean, however, that we have entered a period of major life changes. Finally, in adolescence lose their milk teeth in adulthood grow our wisdom teeth, while old age usually brings dental problems and the deterioration of his condition … Dreams of falling out teeth can be so interpreted as our fear of change, uncertainty, a sense of inferiority or lack of confidence in moments of stress – because such is undoubtedly the loss of teeth.
As dreams of the mouth or teeth zinterpretowałby Freud?

For Freud, dreams in which there were teeth were associated explicitly with sexuality. Missing teeth meant for it concerns men associated with castration and impotence, while women symbolize the desire to have children.
As dreams of the mouth or teeth zinterpretowałby Jung?

According to Jung’s dreams of loss of teeth pointed to fear of a person Dreaming of losing strength and vitality with age.

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The teeth in the dream symbolize the vitality and self-confidence, may also foretell disaster.

missing teeth – loss of power, confidence and self-esteem, such dreams are very common for people who have lost money, career or in some other way decreased their social status

if you fall out all his teeth – an accident or illness

moving, teetering teeth – financial losses

the gaps between the front teeth – not everything goes your way

bad teeth – Do not get in a game of power; let this time to undertake other decisions

seal tooth – temporary unpleasantness

torn tooth – organize outstanding financial matters

Clean teeth – busy relatives will at last moment to meet you

slaughtering is – the announcement of major changes

growing – surprise

have straight teeth – good fortune at work and in the family

see someone with beautiful teeth – you have around you faithful and loyal friends

brush your teeth – you lose a good name

have teeth knocked out – unhappiness

broken teeth – health problems

see broken teeth in the blood – the announcement of the coming problems and vicissitudes

beautiful teeth – surround you loyal friends

toothache – unfulfilled ambitions

have an artificial tooth – all previous conflicts amicably solve

see in someone false teeth – quickly you deal with their duties

white teeth – prosperity

gold tooth – happiness and prosperity

hole in the tooth – the same grief

have a hole in the gum – a day full of excitement and emotion, not necessarily positive

be a dentist and treat teeth – you fail to solve difficult and complicated matters await you as arguments.

The most common scenario appearing in dreams are crumbling in the hands of teeth growing crooked, rotting or falling out.
Such dreams are not only frightening and shocking, but also leave a lasting image that accompanies us throughout the day. So what can mean such dreams?

One theory is that dreams about teeth usually appear due to undervaluation and concerns about their own appearance. Many people who are considered unattractive doing such dreams.

Dreams of the teeth may be the result of fear of rejection, sexual impotence or aging. Research has also shown that menopausal women tend to have significantly more often dreams about teeth than women with this problem does not apply.

Another reason emerging words about teeth may be accompanying us deeply embedded fear, a feeling of embarrassment or committing some blunders in the presence of other people.

Loss of teeth in a dream can also be associated with a sense of helplessness, frustration and undervalued in life. Sleep is often a clue for us that you should have had more faith, or to be more assertive. In some cultures, missing teeth are, for example. Financial losses.

Teeth and death

As is clear from the reports there is a positive correlation between the appearance of dreams about teeth and death. Many of the surveyed people said that the dream of losing teeth was associated with the death of a loved one.

Do you know that:

Teeth are one of the most searched symbols dream now and a few hundred years ago.
In the Greek culture dreams about teeth or their loss can mean the illness of a loved one.
The Chinese believe, however, that such dreams are a sign of deceit and perversity.
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