Dream of mall. What does this imply?

Dream of mall. What does this imply?


so this afrernoon i obtained this dream the place i used to be strolling in a mall with a number of individuals who appeared like my buddies however ive by no means seen them and that i had a white bag/breifcase. The temper was of enjoyable and i believe the breifcase had medicine/one thing unlawful and i used to be playimg round with it. I handed it to my pal who positioned it on the safety counter and ran to the elevate laughing i grabbed the breifcase and ran behind them into the elevate. I had this dream once more an hour later and this time we sneaked the bag beneath the safety desk and ran for the elevate earlier than the safety guard might reply. Each instances i managed to flee the guard. Each time the temper was completely satisfied and i used to be laughing and cracking jokes all through


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