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  1. Hello, I am new here when it comes to anything but reading posts so please forgive any errors in protocol, I believe you are referring to lucid dreaming, and while you are on the right track there are MANY factors and you could honestly spend days reading up on it as right now the field is more or less speculation. I have had small experiences but I would not call them fully lucid however I know who friends who claim to have been able to harness full lucidity from a young age, some good reference words for searching topics are “WILD’ “MILD” “WBTB” and “Lucid Dreaming”, however the most effective thing you can do is create a dream journal where you record every detail possible upon waking from your dreams as this helps to improve dream recall and I am able to testify on that, it has greatly increased my recall, a microphone app on your phone would be a good bet as moving upon awakening causes you to lose dream memory at an almost unbelievable rate, however the most important thing to remember is while you “could” possibly go full lucid even tonight is is very unlikely and would likely result in you waking up purely out of surprise, it will take time and the experiences will become easier over time, it is a new skill, the same way you would not expect to ride a 20 mile bike race if you are still on training wheels, the small steps count now more now then ever.

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