dream interpretation teeth breaking

dream interpretation teeth breaking

dream interpretation teeth breaking


Teeth breaking – dream interpretation

Unfortunately dreambook not have good information, the dream is broken teeth. Healthy, white- most can mean something positive in our lives. Meanwhile fracture, as in real life, never means anything good. And in which areas portends negative changes?

Relationship and family. Teeth centuries symbolized the house. They were a kind of reflection of the people closest to us, which we surround ourselves with every day. So if in our relationship, whether at home begins to spoil something, we have to be very careful. A broken tooth can mean the disintegration of a relationship, or a serious family crisis. Note, however, that he is here as a warning. This means that the relevant activities are able to prevent what is heading your relationship or family situation.

Health problems. This is another area, which draws attention sennik interpreting teeth broken in our sleep. And this time, they do not mean anything good. Herald unfortunately problems. On the other hand, one should note that the tooth is not broken total loss. You so do not be afraid to loss of life. If you start to heal, you will return to health.

The loss, which you shoot. Broken teeth dream often also those who have suffered in their lives some losses and not quite able to reconcile with her. And if you have lost someone, or something personal, tough and stop pretending to hide it from the world. Broken tooth is here warning against the internal closure is. Because it can lead you to even depression. Open yourself. The fact that you have suffered a loss, and it hurts. But you have to say about this aloud (this can be a psychologist, a friend), and begin to live on. The loss can not tease you for life. You’ve got to accept it, otherwise you will never live a full breast.

Emotional problems. Sennik also stresses that broken teeth can indicate our emotional problems, primarily the lack of confidence and withdrawal of whom do not have the strength to fight. Broken tooth here is one particular feature that is not functioning properly with you and which makes this very emotional discomfort.

What if the broken tooth is not yours, but you see it in someone else? This is probably the person who strongly affected you, but in the sense that you see her flaws and mistakes and a lot of time focusing on their analysis. Leave the person alone. Try to outdistance her. Even if it is someone close to you, or a colleague from work, the errors you get upset. Give it up! And if a person is every day you do not have a close relationship, be careful, because broken teeth can attest to the fact that it is a false person.

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