Dream interpretation assist

Dream interpretation assist


Hello guys, final night time I had a dream, which entails me and one other particular person whom I’m unable to determine, exploring an underground tunnel-cave construction. As we obtained inside, we observed that there are laborers inside who’re working however there isn’t any mild in any respect. Abruptly, I pulled out my iPhone and unintentionally turned on my flashlight operate, and I noticed a useless corpse who looks like a teenage male being hung from considered one of his ankles with a metallic chain with out having any a part of his physique touching the bottom (hanging Inverted). And afterwards I used to be shocked from seeing the man’s face which I’m unable to recollect how he seems to be like now and awoke. From that temporary second I additionally observed that the partitions look moist and have a grimy yellow colour. Can anybody decipher this dream? Thanks!


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