dream analysis teeth

dream analysis teeth

dream analysis teeth

Dreams of teeth mean material needs and sexual, teeth biting and dangerous-looking mean aggression.

Dreaming the upper teeth mean better and more significant household person Dreaming, lower and worse. The oral cavity is compared in this case the home, and the teeth to the people living in the house. To the right on the left is female, and right is male. The incisors are young people, old people are molars. The loss of a tooth, it means leaving one of the household.

Teeth in a dream also means holding: molars – expensive valuables; fangs cheap and worthless things; incisors – a lot of FACILITIES interior. Dream about their loss of teeth announces a loss.

Teeth also symbolize the progress of various cases. Molars indicate occult sciences, fangs what no one knows incisors what everybody knows.

Other meanings sleep Teeth:

white teeth – the fulfillment of all life plans

Toothache – powodzeniew future Cie waiting

Clean teeth – labors for innyc, you may want to change the approach to life

teeth, fangs – little things wartościowezaprzatają your head, change your behavior

loose teeth – unpleasant news soon to come

see teeth – you come into contact with severe disease in His family

missing teeth – Unfortunately, the death of a close relative may come soon

healthy teeth – herald success and material gain, but with the risk large investment

bad teeth – warn of failures and losses associated with risky investments

filling teeth – an appeal not to repel visible problems – only begin to notice them

lose a tooth – trouble in the near future for your loved ones

artificial teeth – a profession may indicate a need for greater meaning and vanity, or on the appearance of our success

pulling teeth – ordering issues, financial problems or failure of our expectations

gold tooth – a great temptation and loss of property awaits you

silver teeth – you get pieniądzeod unfamiliar people

molars – mean expensive items symbolize the secret teachings

teeth of ivory – wealth – but when and where – do not know!

the dentist pulls teeth – a serious disease that can end badly

piece of food between your teeth – you encounter an obstacle, also means inactivity

a piece of meat or something else – an obstacle in action

remove pieces of food from the teeth – to improve the material status awaits you – can raise at work

New teeth grow in place of old – big changes await a soon

debtor dreaming, with his tooth falls out – pay off your life long and very quickly

all his teeth fall out at once – the house will be pusty- ktośbliski can go away from you

roznące teeth of different sizes – Family misunderstandings, quarrels close Cie waiting

piece of food between your teeth – you encounter an obstacle rather large in His plans

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