Creepy dying desires

Creepy dying desires


Okay so when i used to be little each night time i’d have nightmares about me getting killed/captured by random issues like as soon as it was a robotic subsequent it was a person subsequent it was this then that and many others. Then just a few weeks in the past i had a dream the place i awakened in a room and there was a person and his son i believe and its somewhat too gory to explain however i ran residence and that i stored getting adopted and at any time when i attempt to go someplace in my desires its like a mansion or one thing and that i can by no means discover a manner out assist???


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  1. Remember, the dream state is a symbolic representation of what you perceive in waking life. Death and the gory part of it are all symbols. Plug some of your symbols into the dream dictionary and tell me what you get, once we have some background you can begin to understand why the subconscious mind would be showing you these gruesome dreams.

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