Clown Dream

Clown Dream


I would wish to preface this by declaring the principles of my desires. They have an inclination to occur in roughly the identical “city” (which is kind of simply actually locations I have been in my life and particularly a home I used to stay in that was a bizarre haunted place, it is in all probability there as a result of it has probably the most character of any home I’ve lived in)

Principally I am on this area with homes throughout the edges of it. For some motive I am principally hiding on this place. I hear a voice or perhaps one other particular person (it is not clear who/what they’re, or even when they’re with me) and so they inform me I should not let him see me. I get the impression I am in someone else’s territory and I really feel very unsafe even earlier than the voice. I look throughout the sphere to see if something is there that I ought to be apprehensive about, and I see a creepy clown. Kinda just like the one on supernatural, type of your typical parody of a clown with like, grime muscle shirt, fats hanging out. Not a traditional clown for positive.

I get afraid and I begin to sneak out of the sphere and make my method again to the home. The home has stairs main as much as the primary residing area, in all probability 13 stairs up or so. (there’s additionally stairs that lead right down to the basement however these do not issue into this specific dream.

I am going upstairs and look out of the massive bay home windows looking onto the road, and I see the clown arising the sidewalk. It sees me within the window and begins coming in the direction of the home. At this level I panic, and for some motive I now Ihave a glass of milk in my palms. I realise I left the door locked, so I attempt to sneak down and switch the lock quietly however I am too sluggish and it opens the door earlier than I lock it.

I begin to scramble up the steps, glass of milk in my hand nonetheless and it grabs me by the ankle. The voice says time and again “You should not have let him see you. You must have stayed hidden.”

I’m now being dragged down by this clown and I determine to pour the milk on it as a result of thats my solely defence. The milk hits the clown and it is face begins to soften. It slowly dissolves and ultimately all there’s left is steaming goo on the ground.

I do not know whether or not I get up at this level, (I had this dream a very long time in the past, however I bear in mind each /bizarre/ dream I’ve ever had) however I in all probability simply stored sleeping. I hate clowns


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