Childhood themes frequent in goals?

Childhood themes frequent in goals?


I am curious what it’d imply past nostalgia to get issues from childhood to frequently seem in goals, and if this occurs to anybody else.

I am 18, about to graduate highschool, and for the previous yr or so I’ve incessantly had a creek that I loved enjoying round as a baby seem in numerous kinds in my goals. They’re total nice, although I can keep in mind one event the place there was a little bit of eeriness tied to it. Extra lately it has been frequent for it to not look very similar to I do know it to in actual life, however I can nonetheless inform it is the identical stream.


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  1. A river constantly flowing can change course and morph over time. The stream could represent how you have changed over the years but you’re still you. A pleasant reminder at a time when a lot of things could be changing for you. You may be concidering a branch of your own after another bend or two. Could just be a common word in your life. A pun on internet streaming and it’s triggering associated memories.

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