Birds useless in my dream

Birds useless in my dream

Hello ya’ll,

First time posting below this part. I am posting on right here in hopes somebody understands or might help with what my dream is saying to me. Final night time I had a dream I used to be inside a home that I didn’t recognise and there was a number of individuals in it, however I don’t recall who and why they have been there. The factor I largely keep in mind is 2 totally different birds chasing me round the home and infrequently pecking me with their beak. I cannot let you know how lengthy this lasted because it appeared ceaselessly, however the 2 birds differ in dimension and beak size. 1 fowl appeared like a kookaburra and the opposite I do not know what kind of fowl it was. From what I can recollect it was strolling with 2 orangish legs and a protracted orangish beak and I imagine the physique was all white. This fowl was probably the most agressive fowl ever and when it pecked, however, and so on I may really feel the ache. I used to be scared in my dream and that is once I took up arms. In any case, I killed the little fowl (kookaburra) with a ebook after awhile. It was very ugly in my dream and the 2nd fowl (this one was the one that basically pissed me off), I vividly keep in mind nailing this fowl 7 instances within the head until it to was bloody. I am undecided why I had this dream.

Background: I crashed my automotive yesterday and am coping with insurance coverage, her, mother and father, and so on. I am additionally a university pupil on the point of graduate this December. Undecided if any of this performed an element, but when anybody has recommendation, I am all ears. Thanks.

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