Being killed in a mass taking pictures

Being killed in a mass taking pictures


I hold having this theme in my goals the place I’m killed, not as a result of I used to be combating anybody, however as a result of I used to be within the mistaken place on the mistaken time. In every dream, I am in a public place with numerous locations to cover. A man with a machine gun is available in and begins taking pictures up. I at all times run and conceal, however by some means, somebody with a shotgun or different, smaller gun finds me and shoots me within the head. Is there a motive behind this development in my goals?


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  1. Dreams about death are common and can be disturbing. However, it is best not to take dreams literally but to look at the symbolism.

    Death in dreams is usually about letting old philosophies, attitudes or behaviours end so new ones can surface. Is there something in your waking life you need to let go of?

    Dreams about death tend to occur at transition points in our lives such as getting your first job, breaking up with your partner or reaching menopause or mid life. At these life junctures we are confronted with periods of change and renewal.

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