Are you able to hang-out someplace if you find yourself alive?

Are you able to hang-out someplace if you find yourself alive?


I am sweating in mattress. I’ve had a whole lot of bizarre desires however I’m struggling to relax.

First some background. I grew up on this fairly small city on a farm which was over 100 years previous. The home was good however my siblings and I’d hear or see bizarre issues once in a while. I had an expertise the place as a younger baby i felt i had snuck up on one thing holding an easter egg within the air. When it realized i used to be there the egg dropped to the bottom like somebody holding it was startled. Was bizarre however not scary. I grew very hooked up to the place, being younger we even explored seances there with blended outcomes. It actually sucked to depart for faculty however I did and my household needed to transfer and the home was offered.

For a very long time I’ve desires that I’m there. Quietly sitting or watching one thing. Tonight I discovered myself within the lengthy driveway wanting on the previous farmhouse however between me and the home was a younger lady standing with black hair, a white nightgown, a teddy bear, and fully black coated eyes. She was small, possibly eight or 9 years previous. Right here eyes scared the hell out of me. I noticed she was a ghost and angrily began to scream repeatedly “GET OUT OF HERE!” And waving at her threateningly as I moved nearer. She appeared scared and pulled her teddy to her as she appeared again making an attempt to determine what to do. I attempted shouting louder after which realized I could not and noticed myself asleep and was making an attempt to be aware sufficient to scream at her with my full voice. I awakened screaming at her however then as I awakened I heard my voice and awakened once more. I had woken up within the dream sufficient to scream at full power whereas nonetheless truly sleeping.

Upon waking up for actual I’m overheated and sweating. I noticed I used to be scaring the little lady and that she truly is perhaps the ghost who I noticed at easter so way back. I noticed how scared she was like she had nowhere to go and the way scared i used to be of her. I really feel like I am haunting my previous home… Is that potential? Waking up inside a dream is a few loopy inception shit when its truly occurring. Has this occurred to anybody else?


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