Are you able to assist me perceive

Are you able to assist me perceive


In order of now it has been years since I’ve skilled this sensation, however after I was a child I’d at all times get in struggle with my father and it appeared like each evening after a giant argument I’d have the identical dream.

I’d be shoved within the nook of a room with my dad within the heart of the room and swiftly he would stroll up and swing his fist at me. As quickly as his hand touched me the dream would change to a meadow with a single dandelion in it that had simply gotten it is puff blown off by the wind. I’d get up quickly after this.

I don’t know what this implies however I wish to discover out.


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2 thoughts on “Are you able to assist me perceive”

  1. My working theory is that the dandelion represent your relationship with your father fleeting in wind, furthermore in your dreams your father punched you because you perceive yourself to be correct and thus he was the one causing damage to the relationship , not you the victim

  2. 1. Every dream is about the dreamer.
    2. Every person, place, and thing in the dream represents an aspect of the dreamer.

    Father = an authoritative aspect of self

    Fist = purpose

    Flower = subconscious existence

    It sounds as if you were battling with your inner authority. It’s almost as if you were losing your conscious awareness because of this. It almost sounds as if your body had some sort of defense mechanism which helped you cope with the fighting that was occurring. Sometimes whenever we cannot fight or flight the brain freezes. When this occurs it can allow you access to strengthen your touch with your subconscious mind. These fights were affording you experiences to connect with your inner wisdom on an unconscious level. My question for you is what is your mission in life? I intuit that you would prosper very well in an environment or career which calls for you to utilize your imagination.

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