2 thoughts on “Anybody ever skilled a Lucid Dream?”

  1. Lucid dreaming is one of the best things one can experience in life. Its tantamount to being god while simultaneously being helpless. Its like finding your soul and forging a new one.

    You think I’m bullshitting? Start to study your dreams. By the time you lucid dream, you’ll be so ready you’ll want to burst.

  2. Yes. I have had lucid dreams where i knew it was a dream. Sex pdreams about a friend of my family. I am in my early 30s, she is early 60s. However she looks 40, absolutely beautiful woman. Amazing body of curves and legs, a face that defies aging. In the dream we had amazing sex for a long time. Felt so real. I basically just went over to her and started undressing her. The memory is so vivid, it feels like it really happened. I smoked marijuana before bed. Weed makes my dreams awesome

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