Any assist explaining?

Any assist explaining?


So I had essentially the most vivid dream of my life yesterday, it happened on a bus coming residence from college and the roads have been extraordinarily icy. The bus driver started drive quicker and quicker down a neighborhood highway with huge bushes over the highway and older wanting homes. As she started accelerated I used to be yelling for her to gradual however she hissed and drove even quicker, immediately a person in a gimp swimsuit limped out into the highway holding its sides and shivering, the bus accelerated till it hit the person in the midst of the highway and gore sprayed all throughout the windshield, the dream quick forwarded to the following day at college the place nobody appeared to know or care what occurred, I do not fairly keep in mind once I awoke from there however the scenario saved repeating with totally different folks like a person and his three armed daughter and different bizarre abominations of flesh and enamel and what not. What does this imply or was it only a freak prevalence?


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