First scene: I am residence (a mixture of my outdated and new flats) pondering that I needs to be packing to a visit with my household to Amazon.

Subsequent scene: me and my household getting out of the airplane. I notice everybody already has their baggage, however not me, as a result of I out of the blue keep in mind that I stored procrastinating, so I forgot to pack and likewise forgot to bringing our automobile (on the time it made sense, however now, I imply, why — and the way —would I carry my automobile, ON A PLANE, to Amazon). So I wait the appropriate time to inform my mom as a result of I do know she can be mad. Once I inform her, on the resort’s restaurant (it is a large floating resort on the center of the river), she would not freak out. She simply will get her laptop computer and begins to seek for crimson Ferraris on the web as a result of on my dream they’re very low-cost on Amazon.
Me and my cousins out of the blue seem inside a darkish and large room. We hear a lion roaring someplace within the room. There is a large pool on the center with whale sharks in it. Round it there are various aggressive squirrels. I’ve a small machine that appears like a tattooing machine on my hand. It out of the blue disappears and all of us freak out. We lastly discover it on a dresser.
Then we return to the restaurant and have dinner with our mother and father.


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