About 95% of my desires happen throughout a zombie apocalypse.

About 95% of my desires happen throughout a zombie apocalypse.

Ever since seeing the Strolling Lifeless years in the past when it first began, I get so many desires that happen throughout a zombie apocalypse. I really like the Strolling Lifeless however I guarantee you that I’m not obsessive about it.

I used to get reoccurring desires about being in class and by no means displaying up and failing. I do not get these anymore since going again to varsity.

My desires happen in a zombie universe it doesn’t matter what it’s about. I had desires that I’m Felicity Smoak and refusing to take again a sulking Oliver Queen, and nonetheless there are zombies within the background. One was that I used to be serving to host a child bathe with my MOPS group and zombies are simply… There. None of those are nightmares. Nicely perhaps one was, however it simply looks like a reoccurring background story. Some I am simply operating, however I by no means combat the zombies, I am all the time simply operating or maneuvering to keep away from them whereas the “plot” continues to be happening. I by no means really get damage by one or turn into a zombie myself.

Any cause why that is all the time taking place? I do not thoughts an excessive amount of, zombies are fascinating sufficient. Simply curious, I assume.

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